Mr Trevor Weatherhead

Trevor Weatherhead has been a commercial beekeeper for over 20 years, focusing on queen bee breeding. During this time, Trevor has been an active member in the honey bee industry, both at a state and national level. Trevor has been working with the Asian honey bee since 1992-93 when they first arrived in Torres Strait. In 2000, Trevor assisted Dr David Banks to establish the National Sentinel Hive Program which is aimed at detecting mites if they arrived at a port with a swarm or nest of bees. Trevor was also a member of the Honey Research Council and the Honey Bee Research and Development Council from 1989 to 1996. During his time in the industry, Trevor has attended several Apimondia conferences where he has delivered papers on the quarantine situation in Australia, as well as being on the Bid Committee and Organising Committee for the Apimondia Conference which was held in Melbourne in 2007. Trevor is currently the Chair of the Quarantine and Diseases Committee for the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council (AHBIC) as well as the President for the Queensland Beekeepers Association.

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