Dr Max Whitten

Dr Max Whitten is Adjunct Professor, Department of Integrative Biology at the University of Queensland. From 1976-1981 Dr Whitten held the position of Professor of Genetics and Chairman, Department of Genetics, at the University of Melbourne. In 1981 Dr Whitten became Chief of the CSIRO Entomology Division and remained there until retiring from this position in 1995. Dr Whitten has advised the honeybee industry since the 1970’s and was chair of the Honeybee Research and Development Council from 1984-1992; and is a fellow of the Australian Academy of Science. In 1994 he was admitted to membership of the Order of Australia for his services to entomology. From 1996 to 2000 Dr Whitten worked with the FAO in Southeast Asia and in 2009 became the Chairman of the newly formed Wheen Bee Foundation.

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