Dr Denis Anderson

Since joining CSIRO in 1989 Dr Anderson has worked and published on all major classes of bee pathogens and has travelled extensively to further his interest in bee pathology. His research has determined the cause of several unknown disorders of bees. It has also led him to rename the Varroa mite species that has devastated European honeybee populations worldwide and to describe two new species of Tropilaelaps mite, including one that is the most common pest of European honeybees in Asia. Dr Anderson has spent more than 20 years studying aspects of the invasion biology of Asian honeybees in the New Guinea region and he is currently conducting research on a type of Varroa jacobsoni that he recently discovered that had switched-host from Asian to European honeybees in Papua New Guinea. Dr Anderson represents Australia on the WHO Working Group on Bee Diseases, which meets in Paris to formulate practices and policy for safe and free trade in bees and bee products between OIE member countries.

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