Transition Management Group

Terms of Reference

  • To oversee the implementation of the Asian Honey Bee Transition to Management (AHB T2M) program and ensure program outcomes are achieved. It will do this by monitoring program delivery, considering any triggers arising that necessitate a review of the program and modify deliverables as new information is provided, with reference to the program success indicators outlined in the AHB T2M plan
  • To establish a Scientific Advisory Group (SAG) with specific Terms of Reference agreed by the AHB TMG
  • To assess advice from the SAG on technical issues and research priorities relating to the AHB T2M program
  • To commission project activities to meet the objectives of the AHB T2M program
  • To approve funding to DAFF QLD towards agreed projects that are in the national interest
  • To review the operational plan(s) provided by DAFF QLD, including allocation and phasing of resources, and confirmation of resource and activity allocation with reference to program success indicators
  • To make publicly available on the AHB T2M website any new knowledge, data and practices on the Asian honey bee website that facilitates a transition towards ongoing management to enable the Australian honey bee industry to manage Asian honey bees into the future
  • To conduct scheduled reviews of the AHB T2M Program at least once every two months during the first year and at least quarterly during the second year of the program. Review outputs will focus on the reporting of progress made towards the delivery of Program objectives with reference to success indicators; analysis and identification of any review triggers; and providing feedback on planning and implementation of the Plan for Transition to Management of Asian Honey Bees to facilitate refinement of the National Principles for T2M.

Minutes of meetings

The minutes from the following meetings of the AHB TMG held between July 2011 and September 2013 are available:

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